Vietnamese Women Take my Breath Away

So now I am visiting other countries in south east asia, not only Thailand. And I must say, boy was I missing out. One such places is Vietnam which has lovely Vietnamese women all over. They are friendly, and outgoing, yet a bit reserved.

I will surely try and go there more.


Places like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city have lots of open minded Vietnamese girls that like to meet foreigners. I ended up going to a nightclub and picking one up.

Nice girl and a great dancer. Here is some more on Vietnamese girls.

Vietnam’s dating scene has brought people who were largely unprecedented in the past years.

Take my buddy Dave, additionally Canadian, who is still a workaholic and got here to Hanoi to learn Vietnamese. Dave has been dating Vietnamese girls for the whole time hes been here..

His ex spouse is Thai. She’s stunning and smart however ended it with him as a result of he sought after commitment.


After at the same time as he met Glo, who had once requested him whether he was able to find activity in Vietnam. Dave then determined to not see Glo again as a outcome of he discovered her query as rude.

He ended up relationship much more Vietnamese women. They had been busy with family obligations enjoying video games with him.

I’m unsure if Dave most certainly has more success along with his ex wife in Thailand ladies are judged nearly soley on their appears to be like

So I introduced him to Pho to maybe see if it’s going to work out.

After almost a year in Vietnam, Dave stated he had solely met two sorts of Vietnamese girls. First, those who might only drink for espresso if he actually did to love the women forever. And, those who could bounce at an opportunity to connect with Dave as  forever as he dished out two $100 bills.

Maybe he have been round Hanoi red gentle districts avenue way too long. However I’m positive none of those ladies might be in a position to play my friend.

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