Is Hanoi Comparable to Pattaya?

I received an interesting question the other day. My friend wanted to know if Hanoi in Vietnam is similar to Pattaya in Thailand.

Well I can tell that he never been to Thailand then lol. Here are some tips for backpacking in Thailand (source)


Although both countries are in South East Asia, those cities are not that similar. Here is how to pack for south east asia (source)

Lately I went back to Pattaya on a quick business trip. That became a very fascinating experience going again in the nation where I resided for 3 years earlier than returning to Hanoi. Sometimes it takes a bit of free time to put issues into the forefront.

I must make issues better; I really enjoy each nations and would by no means ever think about living exterior of Southeast Asia at this point in my life. Nonetheless which are annoying, as anybody anyone that has ever visited right here should tell you. This isn’t a really easy research, just just a few thing. That is best, Hanoi or Pattaya?

The primary most obvious difference is transportation. I find in Hanoi, as long as you stick to of traffic, the taxis are nice. They by no means say no to drive you around, mechanically put on the meter are clean and neatly dressed and whilst struggling to know us sometimes are incredibly honest and friendly.

Thai drivers, for essentially the most part, rude, there really is not any different phrase. In Pattaya, they may say no to even carry you wherever if they don’t seem to be within the mood for work, and Thai taxi drivers will not be often in the mood for work. Pattaya is worse, it’s virtually impossible to get one to go anyplace without paying 150 Baht, and you may overlook the meter. Why even pay them if you possibly can put your seat back and doze off all night, take cash off friends who are actually working hard.

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