Why I Use ThaiFriendly Dating App When I am in Thailand


Thai Friendly is the most effective native dating web site in the country of Thailand.

The website is big with Thai girls, and is well the primary on-line relationship devices in Thailand.

The truth is, I think it’s even more popular than Wechat.

In this article, I’ll show you the apps best and foremost features, along with your finest strategy for messaging ladies, and some particular options for making the experience on there as enjoyable as possible.

Thai Friendly Options

Thai Friendly (read more here)makes use of a reasonably acquainted courting website layout. In the event you’ve ever used OkCupid, you’ll will do amazing with this app here.

It’s simple to use, and its a special set of options make it so easy to chat with tons of Thai girls. A great read would be over at americanfarang.com, who I find to write some amazing articles on all things related to Thailand for men, including Thai Friendly article (read here).

You should use these options to search for girls by city, location, and many other traits too. Like height and eye color.

Once you’ve put your options in the input fields,  you can view the profiles and choose any girls you prefer.

and also another great read here

Scorching Girls On Thai Friendly

Women of Thailand

Whenever you see a lady, click on her page.

You can learn more about them by reading their “about field” …or if you want just simply send her a text in the chat dialogue box.

For me, many of the ladies I’ve recognized on Thaifriendly don’t fill out details info so much. So, it’s often better to simply message them with an easy opener.

How To Send Texts to Girls On Thai Friendly

Numerous guys are actually clueless what to write with their starting lines.

They get scared and forget what to talk about once they see a girl they love.

Should this happens to you, just relax and think about what you want to write first.

A simple and effective one would be the following:

“Hey Whats up, Sawasdee”
That’s a combination of Thai and English, Its great to get them intrigued by you.

Yes, it can work!

Again, For me, I’ve found that these starting lines will get more responses compared to anything complicated. It actually is the perfect opener such as sending an stupid picture or solely typing “Hey.”

Thai Friendly Evaluate – Messages

Once you send a message, you get a countdown timer, which will tell you how long you have to message again.

That is the limitation of the basic account membership.

And it signifies that it’s important to wait precisely Ten minutes from sending more messages. When a woman replies, you are always still pressured to wait.

Fortunately, there’s surely a fix.

Utilize your Thai Friendly Account

For those who’re traveling to The country of Thailand and serious about meeting local girls, do your self a favor.

Improve your Thai Friendly account to a proper premium membership.

It permits you to send all of the messages you need, as quick as you’d like.


As a result of loads of fun that can happen in the span of few minutes.

Another guy could swoop in and start messaging the woman you like. Or she could log off for the day. Or some girls might even assume you don’t really like them. So that they’ll get upset.

The premium membership will be for everyone, however it’s something males prefer in in Thailand compared to other guys that are not in the country.
It makes it easier to message women, serving to you to attain extra dates in a shorter quantity of time.

On top of this, Thai Friendly continues to be free to join and use regardless of what.

Learn about Thai Friendly, try it for yourself and see how you like it.

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